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Monday, October 15, 2012

¯¯Worship & Music Notes¯¯

¯¯Worship & Music Notes¯¯

Alleluia! God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. Alleluia! Gospel Acclamation for Thanksgiving Day
          “By God's grace, together we have what we need,” so ends the mission statement of my previous Synod, then I read the above gospel acclamation for Thanksgiving Day and I realize how countercultural God’s economy is compared to our every day life.  On Thursday the fourth week of November, many people gather around tables laden with food, followed by pie shared while watching football.  Then as early as 10 PM that same day, shoppers will line up to score “Black Friday” specials before anyone else.  On that same day, others will be called to service called to be connected to others in Christ who truly has provided what we need.
          Service that will be shown in many and various ways, donations to food pantries, service at shelters, visiting the shut-ins, and in ways too numerous to count.  At Amazing Grace, our mission is to join God at work the world.  This mission is not a one day event, but something we are called to every day.  As people connected in Christ, we reach out to one another, our community, and our world.  Each one of these actions is an act of worship and thankfulness to share abundantly the blessings we have is received in abundance.
          Many exciting things are happening at Amazing Grace this month.  Stewardship & Evangelism ministry team members are continuing every member visits.  November 4, is all Saints Sunday with acolyte training at 9:15, during that time, there will be coffee with the Council.  November 15, 7 PM there is a Worship & Music ministry team meeting.  November 21, 7 PM we will have a Thanksgiving Eve service, followed by a pie social.  Sundays in November we will worship at 8 AM & 10:30 AM with communion at both services.  December 1, we will have a New Years Eve decorating party to prepare the sanctuary for the new Church year, the first Sunday of Advent, which this year is December 2.  As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Savior, we will decorate the church between 10 and noon, followed by a pizza party.
          In November, Pastor Chris leads worship at Inver Glenn and at the Good Samaritan.  Volunteers to share music or simply conversation are always welcome, for more information contact Pastor Chris.
          In November we have many musical opportunities for fellowship and worship leadership in our choirs for all ages.  Please check the Amazing Grace Opportunities Booklet or call the office to find a choir to connect with.  For information about the sanctuary choir or leading the congregation in new hymns or praise songs you may connect with Susan , Sanctuary Choir Director,  or Brad at church.
Connected in Christ, joining God at work in the world
Chris Kinney & the Worship and Music Ministry Team

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