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Thursday, September 16, 2010

+++ Forward in Faith+++

+++ Forward in Faith+++
This is an exciting and powerful time of the church year! At the end of this month and the beginning of November, we have both a birthday and a time of remembrance. The birthday is Reformation Day, celebrating the start of the Protestant churches. The remembrance is All Saints Day, remembering all those whom God has made his own. Again, you're probably asking yourselves, "What is Chris thinking, talking about a birthday that is over 500 years old and remembering those who have died in Christ? How is that moving Forward in Faith?"
As I think about these things, I remember the history of the death of Moses as found in Deuteronomy 34 before Moses dies he goes to the top of Mt. Nebo and is shown the Promised Land. Moses himself did not get to the Promised Land but he did lead God's people there. Through Moses God was at work in the world! Many people claim that from the top of Mt. Nebo, Moses could not have seen all that God showed him, others believe that God took Moses even higher and showed him the future and promise of God's people. Moses lived his life moving Forward in Faith.
This is an exciting and powerful time in the life of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church! We can see and hear physical signs of God at work in our small part of the world; through your gifts in the capital campaign we have a piano and a new parking lot. Look beyond those gifts and see how we as a congregation are getting to know Jesus as we join God at work in the world. On rally day we received a brochure describing many of the activities of this congregation (copies still available in the narthex or church office).
Exciting and powerful times often call us to bold and fearful activities. As we look forward to the promise of God's future it is time to prepare our annual preliminary budget for presentation at our annual meeting on Sunday, October 31. A fearful activity in uncertain times a budget is also a statement of faith in God's future! You have shown trust in God's future, as you have joined God at work in the world, not only here in the capital campaign, but also in support of the day-to-day church budget, mission support, and food shelf. I pray that our relationships with Jesus help strengthen our trust in God's future calling us to continue to join God at work in the world through offerings of prayer, service, and gifts. Our budget is a statement of faith and the promise of God's future, may we together move Forward in Faith!
In Christ's service,
Chris Kinney AGLC Council President
+++ Forward in Faith+++

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