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Saturday, April 24, 2010

We ♥ Children!

Witness – Share – Equip – Partner – Care
We ♥ Children!
Thanks be to God! We are blessed by the gift of many young people. Especially during the Lent and Easter season, we've been blessed with young people sharing musical, dramatic, reading, and service gifts as they go about doing God's work in the world. Today's society has many opportunities and distractions that call and distract us all from knowing Jesus and doing God's work in the world.
Thanks be to God! Here at AGLC we are undertaking a long-range plan that guided by the Holy Spirit, we might know Jesus, and do God's work in the world. We are equipped for this long-range plan every week, as we gather in worship to hear God's Word and eat at God's table. When I grew up as a grandson and nephew of preachers, church and worship was an expectation without much competition. For today's young people -- children and families, the competition for participation in this "voluntary” activity is high due to things such as work, school, sports, and many many other activities.
Thanks be to God! Here at AGLC we are blessed with the gift of many young people, children, and families that have heard the call of the Spirit to be a part of our community. For me, multimedia meant books, newspapers, and magazines. Today, multimedia means radio, satellite TV, iPods, text phones, Xbox, Wii and so many other things competing for attention with incredible stimuli. We are incredible multitaskers working at a frantic pace needing someone to teach us the value of Sabbath and how to take time to center ourselves and spend time with God. We need people to gently teach us ways to worship and pray while being open to be taught ourselves. Taking time to model how we worship, pray, and sing is a wonderful gift to others. The gift of a little extra activity and noise in worship shows us that we serve the living God actively bringing people in to know Him. The joy of life and vitality that is brought to worship by those learning to worship brings us opportunity for new and deeper relationships with God and one another. As we witness to and care for one another in this manner, we create a safe and welcoming worship space inviting others to join us in knowing Jesus and doing the work of God in the world.
Thanks be to God! The Capital Campaign is off to a fantastic start! We give thanks for the gifts of the pianos and pledges that are all ready here! As we move Forward in Faith... together in mission please remember this mission is something that we are undertaking outside of our regular realm of church activity. As we are called to this new mission, please remember we are still called to be church and our regular gifts and tithes are needed.
God bless, Chris Church Council President
We ♥ Children!

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